Self improvement

7 ideas to help you find and change your life’s purpose


What does it take to change your life’s purpose? How can you understand what you really want to achieve in your life and how can you create your own personal development plan?

A sketching plan of yourself and a few suggestions for your improvement are capable of providing you with an answer to the above questions. Besides, this is the key to happiness and success! The following techniques will help you find and maybe change your life’s purpose.

Create a cozy atmosphere… and concentrate!

Take some deep breaths and try to relax. Listen to some soft music and make sure you are filled with positive thoughts. It is important to encourage yourself and realize that through the process of recognizing the elements of your personality, you will have the opportunity to improve and make a few steps closet to fulfilling your dreams.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses

Try to note down with complete honesty your strengths and weaknesses, by questioning yourself about your habits, but also the reasons why other people complain about you.

Then, determine which of your characteristics need to be improved in order to accomplish your goals and design a plan on how to enhance them. For example, a shy PR employee will be able to overcome his/her inhibitions by taking part in plenty social activities.

Gather up your friends’ feedback

You have to look for your weaknesses or strong points that are distinct in your daily life, like for example the lack of self-control or your polite behavior towards others. Just keep in mind that an easy and more objective way is to ask your friends about your pros and cons.

Choose the right people and ask for their opinion concerning the things that you need to change about yourself.

Focus only on just one part of yourself

Now that you have discovered the elements of your personality, it’s time to prioritize them and decide which area you would like to focus on. Don’t give your attention to many parts but only to one.

Give priority to the most important part of yourself that needs to change as soon as possible.

Write down what you really need and identify your ultimate goal

The next step is to decide which your ultimate goal is. Make sure that you are hoping for something ambitious, but realistic as well. Moving on, make a list of the reasons why you desire your ultimate goal. Besides, those reasons will become the motive you need in order to improve!

At the same time, imagine your life after many years… what would you like to have accomplished by then regarding knowledge, career, family and society?

Finally, incorporate into this list the 5 most important values in your life, like integrity, wealth, love, creativity, etc. in order of precedence.

Figure out the steps you need to take in order to become better!

It is time to give a lot of thought on what you need exactly so as to improve in a particular area. You need to understand the way in which you will practice and find the resources that result from these steps.

For example, if you have a self-confidence issue you could write down in your plan that a way to improve is reading books about developing self-confidence or taking part in various public speeches.

Buy a calendar for your personal development!

The final step in composing a personal development plan, after you spot all the aspects of yourself that you would like to improve, is to create a timetable of your steps.

Purchase a calendar (use your iPhone or tablet) and schedule the hours you will be working on your personal development. Next, set the deadlines of your goals. For instance, you can make an agreement with yourself that within 5 years you will have obtained your degree… and accomplish it!


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  • This is an issue that most people face whether they admit it or not. For me, I knew who I wanted to be, but didn’t know where I wanted to be or how to get there. I could picture myself in a corporate setting with a suit and tie but hadn’t found the one direction that seemed to fully captivate me. So, I decided to dress for success by establshing a foundation of principles that I stood by (shoes), determined what daily routines would help get me there like job searches, career fairs, etc (pants), identified my strengths and pursued things that would put them on display (shirt), and finally sold personality as a part of the package (accessories). Its helped and I’m now working on the corporate side for a well-known company in the QSR industry as a Sales, Profit and Operations Coach

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