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Decision making made easy – 8 Steps for taking the right decisions


Is there a method we can use for easier decision making? How can we limit the mistakes of our decisions? The 8 ways presented below can increase your chances of taking the correct decisions.

We often get the feeling of doubt after a major decision. We are unsure if we made the right decision or not. Making good decisions is important regardless of how important the issue on which we decide. For this reason, there are methods that can be followed to obtain the best possible results.

Identify the decision to be taken

What is important is to identify the decision to be taken. In other words the goals and the results you want to achieve. In this way you will understand if it is really important to take that decision. Focus on the goal and you will be able to find the method that you should follow.

Find as much details as you can

Gather as much details as you can about the problem and try to see both sides of the story. What will happen if you take one decision and what are the consequences if you take some other decision? The more details you know about the problem the easiest will be the decision making process.

Think of alternatives

Consider your concerns and look for alternatives. It’s always better to examine different options when it comes to making an important decision. You can even record on paper each option and its advantages/disadvantages, making it easier for your mind to remember all the information. You can review your list before taking the final decision.

Consider each possible outcome

Check the consequences from each possible decision. There is no reason to be pessimistic but take into account the worst possible scenario and see if it’s something you can accept. It is sometimes beneficial to be prepared for the worst case scenario and be ready to accept it. Whatever the decision you take, be prepared to handle the impact.

Balance the advantages and disadvantages

Prioritize the list based on the personal values that are most important for you and review. What does really matter and is worth doing? Are the benefits more than the possible impact?

Get a second opinion

Ask the opinion of people you trust and appreciate. Always the viewpoint of another person has an important role as it sees the problem from a different angle. There is a chance to be reminded about parameters you have not taken into consideration.

Take a decision

It’s better to take a decision (even if it’s wrong) than taking no decision at all. From the moment you arrive at a decision, don’t look back. Do not think about what you didn’t do and what would be the corresponding results.

Monitor the results

Take your decision and monitor the results. No need to analyse in depth the decision itself. The important thing is to evaluate the decision based on the final results.

You are not required to follow all these steps before taking any decision. This process is proposed mainly for important issues where a decision may have a big impact (either positive or negative) on other situations or people. There is no need to think constantly about an issue and how this might end up because you may lose the essence.

Generally you should keep in mind that people who take the best decisions are not infallible. Simply these are people who think positive and are prepared for the worst.

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