10 Simple Ways to Cure Cold


There are simple and effective ways to cure cold, the most popular virus infection disease. Most people get the cold virus 2 to 4 times a year. Children are even more prone candidates to cold, since statistics show that children fall «victims» of virus infection at least 6 to 10 times a year. Cold is also the most common reason for visiting the doctor.

The common cold usually lasts for one week, although it may be extended for up to 2 weeks, it can be cured without treatment. If you notice that your cold lasts more than two weeks, then it is something serious and you should visit your doctor.

The cold virus comes in about 200 different forms. We can get the cold through breathing, handshaking, kissing or touching. Contrary to what most people think, we do not get the cold because of climate changes, or from poor nutrition or exercise. [See also 30 Medical Myth Busters you must know]. Statistics also show that people who are suffering from asthma or allergies are more likely to be infected by the cold virus. Stress is also one of the reasons we get the cold.

There are things we can do and measures to take in order to cure cold. This article gives an overview of 10 simple actions for a fast treatment from cold.

The most common symptoms of cold are:

Cold prevention techniques

To reduce the chances of getting the cold virus you can follow these simple rules:

  • Wash your hands regularly – and always before meals or before touching your eyes and your mouth.
  • Disinfect surfaces that can keep germs such as handrails and handles.
  • Try to avoid people that have the cold virus
  • Avoid being indoor with a lot of people, especially during the periods where virus diseases are on the rise.

10 Ways to cure from cold

1. Consume many liquids

As a first cure from cold try to consume a lot of water, juices and drinks (e.g. Tea and herbs in general). Liquids prevent the «drying» of our throat and nose, they help the mucous membranes glands to remain open and so it is easier to clean.  Liquids are also valuable when you have fever. In this case there is increased risk of loss of liquids with dehydration. In addition, the hydration of the body contributes to the removal of toxins produced from dead cells, which increases it’s ability to fight the virus.

2. Avoid coffee and alcohol

Try to avoid drinks containing caffeine and alcohol because those substances tend to dehydrate our body and this is not what we want while we are cold.

3. Water vapour and hot baths

Water vapour and hot baths are the most common home cures for cold. Some people are standing in the bathroom with running hot water; others inhale the vapour over a pot with boiling water. It is believed that the steam can facilitate congestion. The virus is also susceptible to very high temperatures, so it is possible that the steam can «kill» the virus through the nasal cavities.

4. Hot Soups

Many people consider a warm soup as the best cure the cold. The advantages of such a traditional cure comes from the broth, which keeps the body hydrated and it also helps with the vapour. It is therefore likely that any kind of hot broth will bring the same benefits. Research made for the consumption of chicken soup while in a cold showed that the ingredients of chicken soup can actually reduce the swelling of the nasal cavities and help in the faster cure from common cold. Also chicken soup can give the protein from chicken, a substance necessary for our body to build antibodies to fight viruses.

5. Use a humidifier

These devices are a good method to make more humid air. This may help to keep nasal cavities in liquid form and thus avoid the blocking of the nose. When using the humidifier make sure to clean them regularly to block the possibility of transferring mould in the air.

6. Rest

One of the most important factors in getting cure from cold is a good sleep and generally relaxing. You need to get plenty of rest in order for your body to resist the cold virus better, faster and more efficient. If you have fever you should definitely stay home, switch off your mobile and try to relax. Most people tend to try and overcome cold with out resting. Experts’ advice is to stay at home and relax for two days in a warm environment. Typical temperature could be 24-25 Celsius (75.2 F).

7. Wash your mouth with salt water

It may sound like an advice from your grandmother but practice has shown that washing your mouth with salt water is one of the cures for sore throat. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt into a class of warm water and make five to six gargles. These will definitely relief your sore throat.

8. Do not smoke

Although you should stop smoking for a number of reasons, smoking when you are cold has additional disadvantages. Smoking can aggravate the symptoms of cold, while aggravating can also be passive smoking.

9. Watch your diet

Although it is not proven that diet can help you cure from cold, eating fruits and vegetables full of vitamin C can help you overcome faster from cold. Vitamin C strengthens the protection of the body, protects it from virus diseases and contributes to better functioning of white blood cells, the role of which is to fight viruses. Other food, which can assist you in recovering faster from cold, includes:

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit, parsley, celery, cauliflower
Foods containing zinc

10. Do not Exercise

Avoid exercise and all sorts of physical activity, for 3-4 days in order to give your body a chance to save forces for fighting the virus.


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  • Thanks for the info. Although I did already know this, I think it is good to be refreshed.I try to make sure to drink lots of water every day, this seems to help me keep colds away. And, of course, I wash my hands like I have OCD

  • Wow, this really helped me alot.
    I didn’t even know about this stuff.
    If only people knew more about these things,
    then maybe they wouldn’t be out there treating themsellves sooooo bad, and have no other choice BUT to go to the hospital..

  • I allways find an Indian takaway allways help get rid of my cold, not korma but things like a buhna. Also honey , even though im not that keen on it, works very well as it is an naturel antiseptic.

  • Spicy soup to help break fevers and i like to try a shot or two of tequilla which kinda like nyquil and will make u sleepy or relax not the whole bottle or mixed with alcohol just one shot idk

  • Also you can either drink pure lemon juice which helps your cough and runny nose. Or you could put drops of lemon juice in your nose and it clears everything out, but if your nose in infected alot then the lemon juice will burn but it helps alot. They both last like 2 to 3 hours.

  • Herbal drink
    slice of lemon, 2inch sliced fresh ginger, tsp coriander seeds, 5 cloves,1 pint of water, boil then simmer for 15 mins, drink with tsp of honey often as you can.

  • The myth about getting cold because climate change IS ACTUALLY TRUE!!!
    my mother has menopause so she contantly changes the a/c because of her hotflashes at night, yesterday she changed the air condition temperature from 75 to 50!! what else made me sick??duh it was the temperature change

    • I agree with u on this! I just stayed the weekend with my boss and her family and she is in menopause and would turn the air way down at nite and I felt fine until the first nite and I knew the cold air was going to make me sick, and it has! Ugh!

    • Differing temperatures don’t expose you to more bacteria or viruses and I think maybe that’s the backing behind the statement; temperature changes do not [directly] cause colds. However there is something about temperature changes that leads to illness.

      • Temp change doesn’t cause it directly, but as list said, humidty kills the cold / flu virus, or at least makes it less damaging, something about an outer membrane which in humid weather breaks down, so your body can fight the infection before it takes root.

        In cold dry temperatures the membrane hardens like a spore, this means that the virus gets into your body before breaking down, which means it can take route at full strength, rather than be taken out while it’s weak.

        Once it’s in the system however, it will just have to run its course. Most of these ‘treatments’ aren’t treatments for the cold, just the symptoms.

        • Temperature changes will also reduce your immune system thus making you more susceptible to colds. Your body will be working harder to warm you up or cool you down that it won’t be able to fight away bacteria as well as if you were in comfortable temperatures.

  • This is some of the most inaccurate information I’ve seen, yeah you have some good tips however urging people not to exercise while they have a cold? If you understood the very positive effects of exercise (opens the airways, relaxes the body, urges the body to recooperate faster, aids heart health, in turn helping to get the blood pumping) you would not have written this opinionated, subjective “report”

    • I agree, exercise has many health benefits and it helps fight infections while at the same time boosts the immune system. When you have a cold though studies are not consistent (on whether you should exercise or not) and all experts suggest that it’s up to you to decide. In general the guidelines are:

      Exercise at lower intensity
      Don’t exercise if you have a cold with fever or feeling fatigue
      Don’t exercise if the cold or flu affects your chest or other body parts below the neck.
      Consult your doctor if in doubt

      The recommendation in the article was not exercise when you have a cold or flue, which is the safest path to follow without taking any health risks and at the same time assist recovery. (Related studies did not show faster recovery when exercising with a cold)

    • Going to the gym while sick is just selfish and inconsiderate. A good way to spread your illness. I’m sure you would prefer others stay home with their germs! Show some courtesy!

    • There is nothing inaccurate. You disagree, but that doesn’t make it wrong. The majority of physicians I have visited highly encourage rest and a reduction of exercise when sick. In my own experience, if I try to maintain my exercise routine, I usually stay sick longer.

  • My cold/allergy began with airconditioning while driving through the country side in OH. for over a week, & then flying home. I don’t believe it was the cold temp. but the “draft” of air which may have contained pollen, or any mold that may have been in the ventilations ducts? Who know for sure! However, know that air conditioning does irritate my eyes, & & if exposed for any length of time, my throat, eventually my ears too, after the cold sets in. Wish I could sell my mucus to OPEC I’d make a killing! Haha. Guess the build up is part of the immune system?

  • Exercising whilst ill lead to me getting induced asthma and being medically discharged from the Army. Is a few days of rest worth the risk of a lifetime of uncertainty??? It’s best to take the safe option and rest, that’s what my experience has taught me, but each to their own.

  • “10 Simple Ways to Cure Cold?” Nothing here is a cure, but rather ways to “get through” a cold. Symptom relief does not equal cure. Cures, well, cure. I admire your positive view, misleading though it may be.

    • To be honest with you “Mary”, the fact that you are being so pessimistic at 3 in the morning does not fill me with confidence about your opinion.

      • Mary’s right. She’s not expressing an opinion, she’s expressing a fact. There is no cure for the common cold (the Rhinovirus), and all the things listed are treatments for the symptoms.

  • Hey, I’ve got a big sports competition this weekend, I have a really bad cold and I don’t know what to do?! I deffo need to go to the competition. Any ideas how I can get through it?!

  • Please change the word – water vapours to water vapour because vapours means a state of depression. Anyway, your article is very informative. I liked it 🙂

  • In spite of the negative comments from the Gym bunnies & Excercise freaks, this is an excellent article.
    Fluids, hygeine & REST are the way forward. Why would you want to excercise when you feel like crap?!

  • BIg Cup of of HOT water with 1 or two Tsp Cinnamon and one tsp of Honey

    OR for faster relief, try a Teaspoon of Garlic down it with water.

  • I have been coughing for 3 months and its has slow down but there days when I coughing a lot to but DR told me that its has take its course through the body that its can take 6 months to get the virus to wear its self out from body lungs.So just hung in there and eat right and get lots of rest when your able to.Have a nice day.

  • i read this and many people said it was good so ill try it i had this cold since friday so its my last hope i took medicen that hasent worked at all and i have a party this week sothank you for posting this! 🙂

  • Most of those tips worked but another thing to look out for is when you sleep with wet hair or with partly dried hair.

  • I have just retruned home on a four and a half hour flight, was perfectly fine when i got on the plane had a sore throat when i landed and throughout the flight i had the cold air vent opened, i defenitely think this was the cause as i am not prone to taking colds and now i have the worst cold i have had in years, in future the vent will be closed.

  • There is something which will improve your immune system when you are facing common cold problem:-
    1- Take plenty of water 3-4 lt per day.
    2- Take good sleep.
    3- Take water vapours.
    4- Wash hand before taking food, snacks, etc.
    5. In case of running nose take hanky and it should be changed time by time.
    6.Take rest and try to take deep breath like anulome vilome.
    7..Always try to take hot water fro drinking.
    8. Take fresh food.
    9. After two to three days it would be automatically gone because this is depend upon the life cycle of the virus.

    Note :- Our body knows well how to fight with disease but you have to maintain your immune system very strong. This logic depends on all the disease.
    Every body organ not work individually its depend on other all the time means you should manage and balance all the thing that is kappha, pitta and vata.

  • I’ve got a cold with sore throat blocked nose and I’m finding the hotter the air the worst my nose gets, but the colder the air the better t gets also I find sleeping with my blocked nose difficult

  • All helpful, but a cold won’t excuse me from two hours of rigorous field hockey practice every day… Plus schoolwork, so very little sleep as well…. Blegh, no wonder my colds don’t go away.

  • This article is very good, and helpful ! Honey is the best cure . You should try to get a cup of water with lemon squeezed in it and a teaspoon or more of honey!

  • Good article, but I’d just like to point out that the note on vitamin c is incorrect. If you’ve been steadily taking it BEFORE you get the cold, then the duration of sickness will be shorter, but increasing your intake with a cold will do nothing for it.

  • Put a teaspoon or two of eucalyptus oil in a quart of water in a saucepan, and bring to a boil on the stove. You don’t have to make a tent, just lean over the fumes

    Eucalyptus brings a lot of relief for head colds and sore throats, which is why it’s in so many cough drops.

  • Thank you, very informative, I have a question – has anyone tried shungite water? One of my friends advised me to try it, in his case it helped. If anybody faced this situation and tried it please advise.

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