11 most common causes of stress


People are always under pressure. They are always on the run, drive nervously, smoking and drinking frantically and quarreling with each other. This is the image of the modern society, a society constantly under stress.

Stress, according to scientists, is the scourge of our times. For this reason, the American Journal Whole Living presented a study with the 11 most common causes of stress (worldwide). It’s more than certain that some of these reasons (if not all) apply to your case as well.

Most common causes of stress

1. Economic Factors: Money and economic problems are always on people’s mind. Along with the global economic crisis, you have to deal with your own personal crisis. The cost of living, pending loans and the general economic uncertainty are the most common causes of stress of people worldwide.

2. Work overload and stress: In the age of modern technology with laptops, tablets and Internet everywhere, work obligations never end. You could be relaxing in an exotic beach but you have to send an email. If you don’t, one of your competitors will and you lose the customer. Free time is shrinking and people are spending less and less time for themselves and those they love. (see also: 16 tips for better time management)

3. Job satisfaction: In a time of economic and employment crisis, you do not have the luxury of choice. Unemployment is rising and although you do not like your work, you are bored and have no interest, you cannot quit.

4. Personal relationships: Human relationships are difficult and tensions of everyday life are causing disagreements and fights. Family finances, sexual problems, lack of time for your spouse and children generate stress and you are not in a position to find solutions.

5. Family care: Taking care of your family is a big responsibility. Whether they are young children or elderly, they need close monitoring. You should not forget the medication of the grandparents, children have to go to school and prepare for the exams. These are just some examples of daily obligations that do not allow time for relaxation. Not only that but this continuous stress is also causing problems with your sleep and you end up in an endless vicious circle.

6. Pressure for vacations: To prepare an entire family for holidays, and not leave behind unfinished tasks or to prepare family gatherings (birthday parties for children) seems like a mountain. The period of preparation is more stressful than relaxing and festive.

7. You never say No:  You are afraid to say NO. Whether it’s for personal, family or work responsibilities you cannot refuse an assigned task for a job that has to be made. Wrong! You try to satisfy all others, while not leaving any time to yourself. The obligations you undertake are beyond what you can handle and this creates more stress. (see also: How to become more productive)

8. Lack of quality time: You have no time to see your friends and your loved ones. You do not have any free time for yourself not mention any quality time to do things that you like.  The absences of these actions minimize your chances of escaping from stress and tension.

9. Obsessed with perfection: You want to do everything perfect. Making mistakes is your worst fear and this creates more stress. This obsession with perfection, does not leave you time to think about other things other than your targets and you end up losing yourself.

10. Lack of interest: You begin a new task and get bored. You set a new goal but quit in the middle. You have no passion or motivation to do anything. This gives you disappointment and pushes you into despair. You lose your appetite and sleep and this worsens the situation. (see also: how to manage stress at work)

11. Disorder and confusion: When everything is disorganized, nothing runs smoothly. The house is messy, the office is bombed and the feeling that everything is choking you becomes more intense. Disorder has the magical ability to hold us back and remind us of the past. Even if you want to escape from this situation your environment does not give you any hope.

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