How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise and Lose Weight

by Alex Chris June 13, 2013

Losing weight can be difficult and whilst it is easy to start on a weight loss program, it can be hard to follow through until you get the results you want.  In order to motivate yourself to keep up your exercise and lose weight, you may need to develop some tricks to focus yourself on what you want to achieve.  Here are some tips that […]

10 tips for transforming your dreams into reality

by Alex Chris May 14, 2013

The fulfillment of your dreams is in your hand! Some people may do anything to achieve their goals while others give up with the first difficulty. Nobody is born with a successful life; even the great personalities of history chased a chance in their life following their dreams with passion and dedication. What can you do to fulfill your dreams? These 10 tips can get […]

What is procrastination and how to avoid it?

by Alex Chris May 7, 2013

This article is aimed at those who would like to learn what procrastination is and how to avoid it. I have already covered this topic is a previous post, 6 simple ways to beat procrastination, but I believe that it is a very important topic that deserves more attention. What is procrastination? ‘Procrastination’ means to put off doing something you know you should or need […]

6 ways to boost your willpower!

by Alex Chris April 30, 2013

Willpower, according Wikipedia, is the self-discipline required for personal improvement. It is the driving force behind your willingness to make things happen. Fortunately there are ways to improve your willpower and this is what will be discussing below.  1. Baby steps Start with small and easily attainable goals rather than too optimistic targets. For example do not just say: “I will never smoke again” because […]

What makes you a good leader?

by Alex Chris April 19, 2013

How can you really tell if a person has the skills to become a true leader? Some people wonder, if indeed they have the skills to lead their life or their work towards a better future and others believe without evidence that they are irreplaceable. Researchers reveal the characteristics of a “leading” personality and explain those attitudes that distinguish an everyday person from a leader! […]

How to change your life like the Internet did for mine

by Alex Chris April 16, 2013

Many people believe that it’s very difficult to change their life and while it is, there are always exceptions to the rule. With the proper mind-set, the right plan and lots of willpower you can make the first step for a new beginning that will bring an end to your passive life. A true story… I’ve been running manageyourlifenow for 5 years but this is […]

12 Positive Thinking Techniques

by Alex Chris March 26, 2013

Positive thinking is perhaps the best way to deal with stress and cope with difficult situations. There are several practical ways through which we can bring positive feelings to our lives and 12 of them are described below. 1. Get involved in activities that bring pleasure Pleasure can reverse the negative feelings and makes us more resistant to them. Try out activities that calm the […]