How to turn your weaknesses into strengths


The say that “Nobody is perfect” and this is 100% truth. On the other hand it does not mean that you have to accept your weaknesses without desire to change. There is no person on earth who does not have weaknesses; after all if we look deep within ourselves we will find a better person.

How many times have you seen people with uncorrected weaknesses gradually destroying their career and relationships? Remember, there are ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths provided that you are willing to change and that you follow the best possible approach.

Are you sure you want to change?

Most people try to change in order to please someone else or to fit better into a particular social environment. To be able, however, to turn your weaknesses into strengths you must understand that this process it’s about you! It’s about having the courage to change your life and the self-discipline to turn your wishes to actions.

Sometimes you are tempted to think that this is your way of life and that a person cannot change. Wrong! You specify your luck …it’s in your hands to specify your present and build your future.

Identify your personal weaknesses

Being honest to yourself is the first necessary step if you really want to turn your weaknesses into strengths and improve your life. Write down as many weaknesses as you can and think about what complaints you have received so far in your life.

It is important to identify your weaknesses first and then think about ways to overcome them. At the end bring to mind your skills and abilities and try to associate them together. Are all your weaknesses the result of lack of skills or some are the result of your procrastination?

Think positively about yourself

Positive thinking is needed to achieve your goals. This means that you have to change your way of thinking and have more confidence in yourself. Each person has different talents and abilities … use them! Besides, you’ve already gone to the next level if you know your true weaknesses.

Try to move away from your weaknesses

Use proper techniques to move away from your weaknesses. For example, if you cannot plan for the long term, try to concentrate and plan for the immediate future. This is the best approach to move forward without feeling that you have failed and without imposing too many changes on yourself. Try to think how you can turn each of your weakness into an advantage!

Choose friends who balance your weaknesses

The greatest luxury in life is to have people around you who balance your character! Friends, partners or family members can “neutralize” your weaknesses. It is believed that opposites attract, but the real truth is that they balance each other. So when you have next to you these types of people, your weaknesses will slowly disappear.

Don’t be afraid to get professional help

Psychotherapy is not something bad or something to be shame about. Many people struggle to find their true selves and need the guidance of a professional to find the source of “evil” in them. Of course, in some cases, a friend, a psychology book or a tutorial can help you to admit your weaknesses. However, there are more serious problems that need professional help, such as addictions, low self-esteem or violence.

Enhance your understanding

Understanding is a kind of strength that separates the winners from the losers! Look yourself in the mirror and try to understand all your goals and wishes. Attention! If you do not ask the right questions to yourself, you will not get the real answers…

Don’t be discouraged, there is always hope

Albert Einstein failed the exams to enter the Engineering College! He had a “star” in his life and unique talents, but apparently he was not meant to be an engineer. “Life goes on” and you never know if a bright career is waiting for you in the future. Do not give up the battle; try to convert your weaknesses into strengths…

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