Best managed WordPress hosting providers

best wordpress providersby Alex Chris July 31, 2014

WordPress is a great website development platform and it’s even better when installed on a fast, reliable and powerful virtual private server. There are a lot of hosting providers that offer WordPress Managed hosting and in the list below I have selected 4 providers that can make your WordPress website run faster with more security in a trouble-free environment. In order of preference, these are: […]

How to fight fatigue

how-to-fight-fatigueby Alex Chris May 29, 2014

Fatigue is simply a symptom of an underlying condition, so fighting it can depend upon many things. But one of the most common causes of fatigue is simply a busy life!  Everyone, these days, seems to be stretched thin, and that can take a toll on the body. Whether it is a poor diet, a lack of sleep, or stress that is causing your fatigue, […]

How to treat a hangover headache

cure-hangover-headacheby Alex Chris May 22, 2014

While it is easy to say, “I will never drink again!” when you feel that headache the next morning, usually, that sentiment does not ring true, and you find yourself with another headache sometime down the road. From over the counter cures to home remedies, the advice varies.  Here, though are some top tips for really treating that hangover headache! Drink Water One of the […]

How to find more time in your day

by Alex Chris May 15, 2014

Looking to find more time in your day?  Our constant, busy lives can really make us feel overwhelmed and stressed, but just a few extra minutes in a day could alleviate this stress and allow for more ‘me’ time. While finding that extra time may not seem easy, it can be done.  Making simple changes in your day to day life and learning how to […]

How to fight sleepiness while studying

fight-sleepiness-while-studyingby Alex Chris May 8, 2014

8 ways to fight sleepiness while studying For students, cramming for a big test is often necessary, and this usually involves late nights. But late hours tend to equal sleepiness, and falling asleep during studying is often detrimental to grades.  How, though, can you fight sleepiness and fatigue while you study? Here are some simple tips to help you out! Drink more water The first […]

How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages

add pagination to wordpressby Alex Chris May 1, 2014

Did you know that there is a very easy way to split a WordPress post or page into multiple pages by only adding a short code to your post or page? This is a very nice function of WordPress that not many people know that it exists but it can be very useful in many situations. Last week we showed you how to add pagination […]

How to Paginate Comments in WordPress

split-comments-to-pages-wordpressby Alex Chris April 29, 2014

You can easily paginate comments in WordPress by adjusting the ‘other comments settings’ in the Discussion settings menu. Comments are very useful for a post (blog or page) since this is a signal that users like what they read and want to interact with the content by commenting. There are cases of course where you may want to disable comments or turn them off for […]